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Ask Ganly Walters to remove foxhunting from property listings

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is calling on real estate company Ganly Walters to stop including references to foxhunting in its property listings.

The company, which previously assured ICABS in 2004 and 2007 that hunting would be kept out of listings, has been contacted this week in relation to a number of property descriptions.

One property is described as being "within easy reach of the Louth Foxhounds, The Meath Foxhounds and the Ward Union Hunt" while another states "for those keen on hunting there are a choice of local packs within easy reach". Those considering buying a 1.8 million Euro estate in Cork are told that "there are a choice of local packs including the Muskerry Foxhounds, the Carberry and Duhallow Foxhounds."

"Given the horrific cruelty to animals involved in hunting, we implore you to show compassion and stop using the proximity of hunts as a selling point for properties," ICABS stated in an email to Managing Director Robert Ganly. "As highlighted previously, foxes suffer a terrible fate in foxhunting. They are chased to exhaustion by a pack of hounds and torn apart. There is no escape either for foxes that try to find refuge underground in a drain or earth. Terriers are sent after them to corner and attack before hunters use shovels to dig them out and kill them."

The company has also been told that the presence of hunting in listings is likely to prove off-putting to many potential clients.


Join us in appealing to Ganly Walters to act to permanently remove hunting from property listings.

Robert Ganly
Managing Director
Ganly Walters
Tel: +353 1 665 3922
Mob: 086 2553 507
Email: rganly@ganlywalters.ie

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