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Ask Sinn Fein to reverse its pro-coursing stance

ICABS is calling on Sinn Fein to reverse its pro-coursing stance and stop defending an activity that causes suffering and death to the Irish Hare.

On BBC Radio Ulster's Talkback show, a Sinn Fein representative tried to defend the party's policy. Listen to the show


Previous to 2010, Sinn Fein had an anti-coursing policy. Many within the party are against coursing. Urge the party to reinstate its previous policy, in line with the majority view that this cruel activity should be outlawed.

Email: sfadmin@eircom.net
Tel: (353) 1 8726100 / 8726932
OR 02890 347350

Watch our campaign video: Ban Coursing in Ireland
Sign our petition: Save Irish hares from cruel coursing

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