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Urge FBD to stop offering insurance to cruel hunters and coursers

FBD Insurance is offering cover to hunters who cause damage and injury during hunting activities. The company has been asked to scrap its pro-hunt policy.

FBD Insurance is being urged to stop providing coverage to those involved in some of Ireland's worst acts of cruelty to animals. An IFA Countryside/FBD Insurance package is providing cover to foxhunters, hare coursers and terriermen who are responsible for horrendous suffering and death to wildlife.

In a complaint to FBD Insurance, the Irish Council Against Blood Sports described as abhorrent, the company's association with those engaged in sending terriers below ground to corner and attack foxes. We told FBD that terriermen show no mercy for foxes who are pulled out of the ground squealing in pain as terriers bite into their scalp or body.

We also note from the IFA Countryside website that FBD is offering coverage to hare coursers and foxhunters.

The company has been told that in coursing, hares are forcefully removed from their habitats, kept in captivity for weeks and used as live lures for pairs of greyhounds. When hit by the dogs, they suffer life-threatening internal injuries, including dislocated hips and broken bones. We stressed to FBD that hare coursing is deemed so cruel that it is illegal in all our neighbouring jurisdictions and that a majority in the Republic want it outlawed here too. Also highlighted was the cruelty of foxhunting - foxes are chased to exhaustion and when caught, are knocked off their feet, bitten, eviscerated and torn apart.

The IFA Countryside/FBD package not only covers hunters operating in Ireland but also when they travel abroad - "the policy covers Irish Citizens worldwide for any period up to 60 days once you are normally resident in Ireland, i.e. for hunting trips to Europe, Africa, America, etc."

In an email to FBD, ICABS stated: "It is beyond belief that a modern insurance company would wish to facilitate animal cruelty and killing. Your coverage is paving the way for these cruel and merciless individuals to enter land to terrorise, injure and/or brutally kill wildlife."

FBD has been urged to watch video footage of blood sports barbarity and immediately scrap the cruelty coverage.

ICABS has complained to FBD about its pro-hunt policy. In a letter to CEO, Andrew Langford, we stated: "By offering coverage to hunters, your company is facilitating the continuation of foxhunting - an extremely cruel and barbaric activity that a majority of Irish people want made illegal."

For a company with its roots in the agricultural sector, it is ironic that FBD is facilitating an activity which


Please Sign our Petition: FBD Insurance: Scrap your animal cruelty coverage

Urge FBD Insurance to stop insuring those involved in animal cruelty and scrap its pro-hunt policy. If FBD's association with hunters would make you choose an alternative insurance company, please make this clear in your correspondence.

Andrew Langford, CEO
FBD Insurance
Bluebell, Dublin 12

Email: company.secretary@fbd.ie
Skype: fbd.insurance
Tel: Locall 1890 617 617

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