Animal Watch

Animal Watch, Spring/Summer 1999
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Page 1 Is the end of the Ward nigh?

Minister has Attorney General's advice
Greyhound Review apologises for libelling ICABS
Page 2 "Why I oppose foxhunting" by Dick Power

Otter hunting ban imminent
Waterford Support Group News
NARGC rage over school talks
Fox Dig-Out - Eyewitness Report
Infra-red at night - drivers' delight
Page 3 Ward Union cruelty exposed

Joe Walsh duped by coursing kill cover-up
Page 4 Minister rejects Heritage Council advice on stag hunting

MEP complaint over government's badger slaughter
Irish Permanent sponsors coursing event
RTÉ Travel Show promotes animal cruelty
Page 5 "Your argument is a joke": 98FM DJ

Politician viciously assaulted at Waterford foxhunt
Mullingar Town Commissioners support ban on foxhunting
Gardaí join Ward Union in fund-raiser scandal
Code of Misconduct is a farce
Minister and foxhunters collude in cruelty con
Page 6 Tally Hoax! - £35 million deceit in report

Donation to help catch poachers
Foxes aren't vermin - and that's official
Renewed appeal for countryside vigilance
Please reject blood money Waterford charity told
Animal welfare groups benefit from Dept grants
Wildlife smugglers beware
Page 7 ICABS appeal to Brush turned down:

Galway pet shop fined for Wildlife Act infringement
Hunt reference removed from tourist guide
ICABS observer threatened as stag chased by hunters
Tighter gun laws could reduce suicides
Page 8 Horrific: grisly reality of foxhunting in Ireland

Drag coursing - the humane alternative
Priestly Behaviour
Waterford huntsman to leave for Wales
We never approved pig racing: Department
Page 9 Tally-ho Temperance

Observer's Report: Clare coursing
Observer's Report: Westmeath coursing
Observer's Report: Cork coursing
Bronx bullfight claim a load of bull
Page 10 Landowners' role in finishing foxhunting

Real Holiday Show promotes blood sports
Bord Fáilte denies promoting hunt holidays
Anti-bullfighting News from Spain
Page 11 ISPCA branch may face dis-affiliation over blood sports

Friend of the Foxes
We'll destroy our dogs before rehoming them
Harrier hound killed on road
Badger Tip
Page 12 Government's TB Eradication policy misguided

For fox sake, boycott fur
Pepsi criticised over bullring support
Another shooter makes it on to Heritage Council
An Irishman's Drivel
Australian Minister's cowardly compromise
Page 13 Collision Course

Observer's Report: Westmeath coursing
ICABS Seminar - 1998
Things they said
Page 14 Ward Union driving motorists mad

"Brucellosis can be carried across country by dogs"
Drink-driving foxhunter hunted back to court
Wildlife Control in the USA
Page 15 Landmark admission by Ward Union Hunt

Point-to-points and foxhunting
Words of Wisdom
Tragic death of pioneering US animal rights activist
Fox Watch
Page 16 Coursing cruelty continues

ICABS launch exciting new campaign web site
Presidential slurs refuted
Full Contents View the Full Contents of Animal Watch
Pages 1-16 (197 Kb)

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