ICABS Mobile - Animal Voice 2011-12

Winter 2011-12

Animal Voice is the ICABS campaign newsletter featuring news, updates and action alerts.

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This edition's action alerts. Simply click on the links to compose emails.

Page 5: Ask SF to back coursing ban
Email: sfadmin@eircom.net

Page 6: Urge Jimmy Deenihan to ban coursing
Email: ministersoffice@tcs.gov.ie

Page 8: Ask Minister Coveney, to protect foxes from cruelty
Email: minister@agriculture.gov.ie

Page 13: Urge Allianz to scrap its hunt insurance
Email: info@allianzdirect.ie

Page 14: Ask Dunboyne Athletics Club to drop pig racing
Email: dunboyneac@eircom.net

Page 14: Tell Michael Moynihan TD to stop defending coursers
Email: michael.moynihan.td@oireachtas.ie

Page 15: Complain to Three about association with Countryside Alliance
Email: Hugh.Davies@three.co.uk

Page 15: Complain to TDs who defended coursing
Email: Sandra.McLellan@oireachtas.ie

Page 16: Ask Students' Union to stop events involving cruelty
Email: president@ncisu.ie;press@usi.ie

Page 16: Complain to Japanese Ambassador about Antarctic whaling
Email: cultural@embjp.ie

Page 17: Complain to Pat Rabbitte TD about his stance on glue traps
Email: minister.rabbitte@dcenr.gov.ie

Page 20: Ask Minister Deenihan to shut Ireland's fur farms
Email: ministersoffice@tcs.gov.ie

Page 20: Ask Minister Coveney to end fur farming
Email: ministersoffice@tcs.gov.ie

Page 21: Ask Boylesports to disassociate from coursing
Email: care@boylesports.com

Page 22: Ask An Grianan Hotel in Donegal to remove "hunting" from website
Email: info@angriananhotel.com

Page 22: Tell Coillte to stop selling hunting licences
Email: pr@coillte.ie

Page 25: Urge Minister Jimmy Deenihan to ban Larsen traps
Email: ministersoffice@tcs.gov.ie

Page 27: Thank Indian Minister for bull protection
Email: jairam54@gmail.com

Page 27: Ask the PR Consultants Assoc to clarify stance on animal cruelty
Email: laurie@mkc.ie

Page 27: Ask the PR Institute of Ireland to reject cruelty campaigns
Email: gerry@prii.ie

Page 28: Urge Fianna Fail to support bloodsport bans
Email: micheal.martin@oireachtas.ie

Page 28: Ask Volvo to stop advertising in hunting magazines
Email: gcr@volvocars.com

Page 33: Ask Adidas to scrap bullring advert
Email: consumer.relations@adidas.com

Page 30: Ask Woodlands House Hotel to end coursing sponsorship
Email: mfitzgerald@woodlands-hotel.ie

Page 35: Ask Red Mills pet food company to stop sponsoring cruel coursing
Email: michael.connolly@redmills.ie

Page 35: Ask Minister Shatter to push for bloodsports ban
Email: alan.shatter@oireachtas.ie

Page 36: Urge Minister Coveney to ensure no IGB role in Chinese dog racing
Email: minister@agriculture.gov.ie

Page 38: Urge FBD to stop insuring hunters
Email: company.secretary@fbd.ie

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