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Hunters cautioned after threatening woman with rape and murder
20 April 2018

A woman who told a Cork hunt not to trespass on her property was threatened with rape and murder, it has emerged. ICABS has learned that the threats were made after the woman - who was standing in the driveway of her home at the time - told the hunters to keep the hounds away. On a previous occasion, hunt hounds had come in to her garden, sending cats running for their lives.

The response of one of the hunters was to threaten the woman with rape. Recounting the sickening exchange, the woman told ICABS this week what the hunter said (in language too obscene to repeat).

When she asked him if what he said was a rape threat, he responded: "Don't worry, I'll give you the time of your life."

Another hunter threatened to murder her, saying "I'm going to do things to you and I won't have to go to prison because they won't find your body."

The threats were made during a harrier hunt in County Cork approximately two years ago.

ICABS understands that the men subsequently received a caution from Gardai but no further action was taken.

We have brought this to the attention of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar as part of a renewed appeal to him to ban hunting with packs of hounds which has a terrible effect not only on our country's wildlife but also on persecuted farmers and other landowners who are threatened and abused.


Join our appeal to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to ban hunting with hounds and all bloodsports.

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