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Parkinsonís Association thanked for rejecting greyhound track fundraising
31 August 2017

A big thank you to The Parkinsonís Association of Ireland for its compassionate decision to reject greyhound racing from its fundraising efforts. Responding to an appeal from the Irish Council Against Bloodsports, Parkinson's Ireland tweeted: "Following consideration we have decided that Parkinson's Ireland in the future will not be using greyhound racing as a form of fundraising."

Our appeal was prompted by an "Evening at the Dogs" fundraiser held earlier this month by the association's Longford branch.

Parkinson's Ireland's commendable move comes just days after a similar announcement from The Hope Foundation which said in a statement: "We are an organisation dedicated to reducing suffering in the world and would not wish to be associated with an event that could involve cruelty to animals. HOPE management has made an informed decision and have respectfully requested that going forward, students and volunteers do not use greyhound racing events as HOPE fundraisers."

We applaud The Parkinson's Association and the Hope Foundation for their positive responses.

We are appealing to other fundraising charities, community groups and schools to follow this good example and stay away from greyhound tracks. Fundraisers at tracks directly support the cruel greyhound industry in which dogs are injured, mutilated, drugged, dumped and killed - the tracks take a significant ticket commission and also profit from food and drink sales on the day. As more and more details emerge about the inherent cruelty and killing, the public is increasingly turning away from greyhound racing - evident in a 50 per cent fall in track attendance in recent years and a 58 per cent drop in sponsorship.

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To make a donation to The Hope Foundation, please visit
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