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Eurocamp removes suggestion to visit French bullfighting festival
27 July 2016

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has thanked holiday company, Eurocamp, for withdrawing a suggestion to visit a bullfighting festival in the south of France.

Deleted from its list of "6 reasons to visit Languedoc-Roussillon" was the statement "If you’re visiting during mid-August you’re in for a treat: the Feria de Béziers bullfighting festival, which is one of the biggest and best festivals in the South of France."

The move came after the Irish Council Against Blood Sports highlighted the cruelty of bullfighting and the fact that the Association of British Travel Agents categorises bullfighting as an "unacceptable practice".

In its Animal Welfare Guidelines, ABTA states: “Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle in Spain, Portugal, southern France and in some Latin American countries. Some regard bullfighting as a sport, an art form or a cultural tradition. Increasingly, however, it is perceived as a barbaric practice, which usually results in the painful and protracted killing of the bull in front of an audience (except in Portugal, where the bull is slaughtered outside the arena). In 2011, the Spanish region of Catalonia banned bullfighting. Customers should not be encouraged to attend bullfighting or any other festival (e.g. bull running, famously in Pamplona) where bulls are harmed as part of the entertainment. Suppliers should not offer or support this activity.”

A big thumbs up to Eurocamp for its positive response. Find out more about the company and its offers at

Eurocamp joins a growing list of companies which have responded positively to ICABS appeals and removed references to bullfighting or bullrings. These include American Airlines, Aer Lingus, EasyJet, Ryanair Magazine, Jet2holidays, Marriott International, Hilton Hampton, Ebookers, Club Travel, Abbey Travel, Sunways, Low Cost, Travel Department, Cancun Holidays Information Center, Co-op Travel, Ultimate Travel, No Fly Cruising, City Breaks 101, Original Travel, Escape Trips, Charter Travel, NY.T.Roma Hotel, Exclusive GP, Just Resorts,, Burleigh Travel, Abercrombie & Kent, Holiday Transfers, Iglu Cruise, Oliver's Travel's, StagWeb, Joe Walsh Tours, Budget Travel, Osprey Holidays,, Hays Travel, Le Boat, Holiday Hypermarket, Pack Your Bags, USIT Travel, Euroventure, Netflights,, LateDeals, Stagit, Sports Travel Guru and Ticmate.


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Fodors Travel Guides: Stop directing tourists to bullrings

If you choose to holiday in a bullfighting country (Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela), please do not visit bullfighting arenas or museums. Avoid purchasing any bullfight-related souvenirs. Join the international campaign against bullfighting. Please register your opposition to this horrific blood sport with the governments and political representatives of bullfighting countries as well as to the local ambassadors.

Contact the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland, or your country of residence, to register opposition to bullfighting. Express your desire to see bullfighting banned throughout all of Spain.

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