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Student travel company removes list containing cruelty festivals
21 July 2015

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has thanked student travel company, USIT, for deleting a list of recommended European festivals which featured two animal cruelty events.

The “5 best festivals around Europe” list included the cruel Pamplona bullrun as well as Fetes de Bayonne – promoted as “the French version of the Running of the Bulls”. Both festivals involve chasing bulls through the streets and later torturing them to death in a bullring.

Responding to an ICABS appeal in which we highlighted the cruelty and public safety risks, USIT Travel stated: “We have now removed this post – apologies for any offence caused.”

We are now appealing to USIT to take the next step and remove these shameful events from its “festival extravaganza” holiday package – “a pass to access up to 23 of Europe’s most popular festivals”.


Please join us in thanking USIT for this positive step and urging the company to now remove Pamplona and Fetes de Bayonne from its “festival extravaganza” holiday package.

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"Ticketmaster: Stop selling bullfighting tickets"
Stop selling bullfighting tickets Stop publicising cruel bullfighting events
Fodors Travel Guides: Stop directing tourists to bullrings

If you choose to holiday in a bullfighting country (Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela), please do not visit bullfighting arenas or museums. Avoid purchasing any bullfight-related souvenirs. Join the international campaign against bullfighting. Please register your opposition to this horrific blood sport with the governments and political representatives of bullfighting countries as well as to the local Ambassadors.

Contact the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland, or your country of residence, to register opposition to bullfighting. Express your desire to see bullfighting banned throughout all of Spain.

The Spanish Ambassador to Ireland
Embassy of Spain
17A Merlyn Park, Dublin 4.

Tel 1: +353 (0)1 2691640 or +353 (0)1 2692597

Videos: The cruelty of the Pamplona bullrun and bullfighting

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