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Hospice Foundation thanked for dropping bullfight-themed images
03 April 2014

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has thanked the Irish Hospice Foundation for removing bullfighting-themed images and a reference to Pamplona bullrun from its website.

The content was part of a page promoting the Foundation's San Sebastian to Barcelona Spanish Cycle Challenge which takes place from July 19th to 25th.

We applaud this move to disassociate from bullfighting and bullrunning, given the horrific animal cruelty involved and, in the case of the latter, the risk of serious injuries to humans (there have been at least 13 fatalities in Pamplona to-date).

For more information on the Irish Hospice Foundation's Spanish Cycle fundraiser, visit


If you choose to holiday in a bullfighting country (Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela), please do not visit bullfighting arenas or museums. Avoid purchasing any bullfight-related souvenirs. Join the international campaign against bullfighting. Please register your opposition to this horrific blood sport with the governments and political representatives of bullfighting countries as well as to the local Ambassadors.

Contact the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland to register your opposition to bullfighting. Express your desire to see bullfighting banned throughout all of Spain.

The Spanish Ambassador to Ireland
Embassy of Spain
17A Merlyn Park, Dublin 4.

Tel 1: +353 (0)1 2691640
Tel 2: +353 (0)1 2692597
Fax: +353 (0)1 269 1854

Photos: Pamplona bullrun

Bull sticking horn into body of falling man
A man is gored by a bull during the Pamplona bullrunning festival. (Photo: AP)

Black bull on ground behind barrier with tongue limply hanging out
Another victim of the Pamplona bullrun. The bulls are beaten and prodded to make them run and are later killed brutally in the local bullring. (Photo: BBC)

Video: Bullfighting cruelty

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