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Fodor's urged to stop directing tourists to bullfights
28 May 2013

Travel guide publisher, Fodor's, has been asked to stop directing tourists to bullfights. On its website, the company suggests attending a bullfight, saying that "Spanish toreros delight the crowds". It also presents details of where tickets can be purchased.

Fodor's is not only shamefully recommending a visit to a bullfight but also suggesting that tourists should tip the ushers working at bullrings. In the 2013 edition of its Spain travel guide, it states "tour guides should be tipped about 2 euro, ushers at bullfights 15 to 20 cents".

Fodor's has been reminded that bullfighting is a horrendous activity which results in enormous suffering for bulls and horses and that the activity is opposed by millions of people across the world, including a majority in Spain, Portugal, etc.

In a complaint to Fodors, the Irish Council Against Blood Sports stated: "We believe it is inappropriate for a travel guide company to encourage tourists to visit a bullfight because many tourists who visit a bullring out of curiosity come away disgusted and upset at what they witness. It effectively casts a dark shadow across their whole holiday experience."


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Contact the Spanish Ambassador to Ireland to register your opposition to bullfighting. Express your desire to see bullfighting banned throughout all of Spain.

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