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Greyhound grave uncovered in Limerick
11 April 2012

A mass greyhound grave has been discovered in County Limerick, a front page Metro Herald report has revealed. Dead dogs found were killed by "blunt force trauma to the head".

Limerick Animal Welfare say that two of the dogs were killed recently and that the site at Ballyagran was used several times to kill and dump dogs.

Quoted in the report, animal welfare expert Orla Aungier said that such mass graves were "very common" around Ireland and that dogs usually had their ears cut off so that they could not be traced by their tattoos.

According to information from the ISPCA website, "approximately 14,000 greyhounds are 'disposed of' in Ireland each year."

"They are destroyed because they haven't made the grade as racing dogs or when they are past their best for racing (usually by the age of four)," they have outlined. "Other unwanted dogs are sold to Spain, where they are forced to race in appalling conditions, with no veterinary care and no prospect of an end to their suffering until they are too badly injured to continue."


If you have any information on this or other acts of animal cruelty, please do not hesitate to contact the Gardai. For the phone numbers of Garda stations, please visit:

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