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Farmer describes seeing Ward Union "hunting a stag with dogs"
03 February 2012

A farmer from County Meath has described seeing the Ward Union "hunting a stag with dogs". Speaking on RTE's Liveline, he said he saw a stag "obviously in distress" followed by hounds and people on horseback.

Listen to the Liveline discussion below.

Liveline, RTE Radio, 2nd February 2012


According to the Wildlife Amendment Act 2010, "a person who hunts deer with two or more dogs shall be guilty of an offence." If you reside in the area where the Ward Union operates, please familiarise yourself with the Wildlife Amendment Act 2010 and report any breaches to the Gardai.

For the phone numbers of Garda stations, please visit:

Banned: Ward Union Stag Hunt

Slideshow: the cruelty of carted deer hunting

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