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Foxes defended in Galway Advertiser
07 July 2011

The beauty of foxes and the cruelty of foxhunting are the themes of a letter published in this week's Galway Advertiser. The letter by anti-bloodsports author and campaigner, John Fitzgerald, praises the fox as a friend of the farmer and condemns the hunters who "make it suffer a slow agonising death".

Thumbs up to the Galway Advertiser for helping to dispel myths about foxes and giving the species some of the positive publicity it deserves. Visit the newspaper's website at:


Ask Taoiseach Enda Kenny to protect foxes from hunting cruelty by banning foxhunting. Encourage him to also ban coursing and all forms of animal cruelty in Ireland.

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Video: Foxhunting Cruelty

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