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Shame on Enda Kenny and Fine Gael
23 February 2011

Following a confirmation by Enda Kenny on national radio that his party will reverse the ban on the cruel Ward Union deerhunt, ICABS says "Shame on Enda Kenny and Fine Gael for wanting to bring back this barbarism."

Listen to Enda Kenny's statement.
Today with Pat Kenny radio show, 23rd February 2011

On this morning's Today With Pat Kenny radio show, Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny was asked why he wanted to reverse the ban on the Ward Union deer hunt, despite majority public opposition. Kenny responded by saying that it would be regulated, etc.

Before being banned last year, this hunt was in fact already heavily regulated with a list of licence conditions as long as your arm, but it didnít prevent the deer being terrorised, exhausted, injured and killed.

Monitoring reports obtained under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that deer were choked during capture, drowned and died of aneurisms due to the stress of the chase. Just before Christmas, a deer which jumped onto the road while trying to evade the hounds, was struck with a motor vehicle and had to be put down. The occupants of the car were left badly shaken and "lucky to be alive".

A Department of Agriculture vet described in a report how a deer was "seen attempting to jump a very high fence and getting his front leg caught on a top strand of barbed wire and hanging, thus suspended, for some seconds before his struggles and/or weight tore him free," and a further instance of "a stag, having run at least 8 miles in 90 minutes, showed extreme physical distress, panting through its mouth and with a lather of white foam around its muzzle" and a "deer was clearly exhausted within 5 minutes at the end of a 90 minute hunt, as it attempted to jump a typical field gate and failed, falling back off it on the same side."

Shame on Enda Kenny and Fine Gael for wanting to bring back this barbarism.

Please vote for compassionate election candidates on Friday, February 25th.

Fine Gael threaten to reverse stag hunt ban
15 February 2011

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The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is horrified to note that the Fine Gael manifesto, launched today, includes a promise to reverse the ban on stag hunting. Please join our urgent appeal to the party to scrap this pledge to bring back a blood sport.

The manifesto, in a section headed "Keeping Communities Vibrant/Rural Activities", states that "Fine Gael will reverse the ban on stag hunting."

Download the Manifesto and turn to page 26/27 - Section 5.3

Elsewhere in the manifesto, Fine Gael say that they will "update existing animal welfare rules which are outdated and need to be reformed". If that is the case and they want to improve and update animal welfare, they are off to a bad start by threatening to repeal an act which has banned gratuitous cruelty to vulnerable animals, which for over 150 years were hounded by dogs for "sport".

Stag hunting was banned last June after a majority of TDs voted in favour of the Wildlife Amendment Bill which outlawed the cruel activity. The ban was widely welcomed.

Any attempt to reverse the hunt ban would be a callous and despicable move by Fine Gael if they attain power. We have no doubt that the majority of people in this country would find this utterly abhorrent.

Please scroll down now for our URGENT ACTION ALERT


Send a message to Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny, and make it clear to him that you do not want a reversal of the stag hunting ban.

Email letter to: (CC

Tel: (094) 9025600 (Enda Kenny Constituency Office) Tel: (01) 619 8444 / (01) 669 4731 (Fine Gael Head Office)

00 353 (0)1 618 4502 (Enda Kenny)
00 353 (0)1 662 5046 (Fine Gael Head Office)

Postal Address:
Enda Kenny, Tucker Street, Castlebar, Co Mayo
with a copy to Fine Gael HQ, 51 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2.

(If you have time, please compose your own personal letter. Otherwise, feel free to send the short sample letter below.)

Dear Mr Kenny,

I am horrified to note in the Fine Gael manifesto that your party is threatening to reverse the ban on stag hunting.

As one of the majority of Irish people who want all blood sports banned, I urge you to scrap this shameful pledge and instead commit to bringing all forms of cruelty to an end here.

Please stop defending hunting and modernise your party's animal welfare policies.

May I add that a political candidate's stance on animal cruelty is a major factor in my voting decision.

Thank you. I look forward to your reply.



Please contact your local Fine Gael election candidates and tell them that you oppose any attempt to reverse the staghunt ban. You can find the FG candidates list at


Contact all your local election candidates and tell them that their stance on animal cruelty issues is a major factor in your voting decision

Find out the views of election candidates on our Election 2011 campaign page

VIDEO: The cruelty Fine Gael wants to bring back

This disgusting animal cruelty has been banned in Ireland but Fine Gael is pledging to bring it back. The party's election manifesto states that "Fine Gael will reverse the ban on stag hunting". Please respond to our Urgent Action Alert and Vote for Compassionate Candidates on Friday, February 25th. Find out more in our Election 2011 Campaign Page.

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Kenny has 'blood on his hands', says anti-hunt protester
18 February 2011

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has today been accused of having "blood on his hands" over plans to reverse the ban on deer hunting.

Protester John Carmody covered his hands in red paint and tried to talk to him in Cork, before Kenny was driven away.

"Ireland needs to move on from an era of cruelty, we're asking you to please respect the wishes of Irish people and do not bring in the ward union hunt ban, please keep the hunt legislation where it is," pleaded the protestor.

"Shame on you Enda Kenny, you've got blood on your hands."

Fine Gael challenged on blood sports stance
22 October 2009

ICABS is urging Fine Gael to modernise its animal welfare policies after a spokesperson stated that the party "supports country sports" and will "oppose any move by Government to deny groups the right to continue to pursue these activities".

In a letter of complaint to Fine Gael leader, Enda Kenny, ICABS strongly criticised the party's stance on animal cruelty activities. The stance was outlined in a statement this week from FG Agriculture spokesperson Michael Creed TD, who said:

In our correspondence to Enda Kenny (and Olivia Mitchell TD who said Mr Creed's statement reflected her own views), ICABS stated: "We wish to convey to you our extreme disappointment and disbelief that a modern party like Fine Gael is continuing to side with the merciless minority who take pleasure in abusing animals and subjecting them to the most horrendous cruelty. For the majority who want coursing, foxhunting and carted deer hunting outlawed, it is highly offensive for Deputy Creed to suggest that the activities he euphemistically refers to as 'country sports' could in any way be 'carried out humanely...and not involve any undue risk to animal welfare'."

We stressed that Deputy Creed is "clearly wrong in his assertion that if an activity is licensed, it must not be cruel", highlighting that in coursing and carted deer hunting (both licensed), animals are subjected to terrible suffering.

"The stance, presented by Deputy Creed, reflects very poorly on Fine Gael," we added. "We hope that your party can work on modernising its animal welfare policies and bringing them in line with the overwhelming view in Ireland that animal cruelty is wrong and should be urgently legislated against."

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