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Did your TDs vote for or against the staghunt ban?
30 June 2010

Find out if your Dail representatives were among the majority who voted in favour of banning the Ward Union hunt. Watch a pre-vote debate and the final historic vote on the Oireachtas website. We encourage you to thank all TDs who voted in favour of the ban and make a complaint to those who voted against it.

Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage (Resumed), Committee and Remaining Stages
Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Watch the debate
(Forward to the 02:55:30 mark for beginning of debate)

Read a full transcript of the debate at
(Including list of TDs who voted for and against)

You may also watch the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 2010: Second Stage (24 June 2010) and read the full transcript of the debate.

Watch the debate
(Forward to the 03:54:00 mark for beginning of debate)

Read a full transcript of the debate

How TDs Voted

TDs who voted in favour of the staghunt ban: 75

Bertie Ahern (Fianna Fail)
Dermot Ahern (Fianna Fail)
Michael Ahern (Fianna Fail)
Noel Ahern (Fianna Fail)
Barry Andrews (Fianna Fail)
Chris Andrews (Fianna Fail)
Bobby Aylward (Fianna Fail)
Niall Blaney (Fianna Fail)
Áine Brady (Fianna Fail)
Cyprian Brady (Fianna Fail)
Johnny Brady (Fianna Fail)
John Browne (Fianna Fail)
Thomas Byrne (Fianna Fail)
Dara Calleary (Fianna Fail)
Pat Carey (Fianna Fail)
Niall Collins (Fianna Fail)
Margaret Conlon (Fianna Fail)
Mary Coughlan (Fianna Fail)
Brian Cowen (Fianna Fail)
John Cregan (Fianna Fail)
Ciarán Cuffe (Green Party)
John Curran (Fianna Fail)
Noel Dempsey (Fianna Fail)
Jimmy Devins (Fianna Fail)
Timmy Dooley (Fianna Fail)
Frank Fahey (Fianna Fail)
Michael Finneran (Fianna Fail)
Michael Fitzpatrick (Fianna Fail)
Seán Fleming (Fianna Fail)
Beverley Flynn (Fianna Fail)
Paul Gogarty (Green Party)
John Gormley (Green Party)
Noel Grealish (Independent)
Mary Harney (Independent)
Seán Haughey (Fianna Fail)
Máire Hoctor (Fianna Fail)
Billy Kelleher (Fianna Fail)
Peter Kelly (Fianna Fail)
Brendan Kenneally (Fianna Fail)
Michael Kennedy (Fianna Fail)
Tony Killeen (Fianna Fail)
Michael Kitt (Fianna Fail)
Tom Kitt (Fianna Fail)
Conor Lenihan (Fianna Fail)
Martin Mansergh (Fianna Fail)
Jim McDaid (Fianna Fail)
Tom McEllistrim (Fianna Fail)
Finian McGrath (Independent)
Michael McGrath (Fianna Fail)
John McGuinness (Fianna Fail)
John Moloney (Fianna Fail)
Michael Moynihan (Fianna Fail)
Michael Mulcahy (Fianna Fail)
M J Nolan (Fianna Fail)
Éamon Ó Cuív (Fianna Fail)
Seán Ó Fearghaíl (Fianna Fail)
Darragh O'Brien (Fianna Fail)
Charlie O'Connor (Fianna Fail)
Willie O'Dea (Fianna Fail)
Noel O'Flynn (Fianna Fail)
Batt O'Keeffe (Fianna Fail)
Ned O'Keeffe (Fianna Fail)
Mary O'Rourke (Fianna Fail)
Christy O'Sullivan (Fianna Fail)
Maureen O'Sullivan (Independent)
Peter Power (Fianna Fail)
Seán Power (Fianna Fail)
Dick Roche (Fianna Fail)
Eamon Ryan (Green Party)
Trevor Sargent (Green Party)
Eamon Scanlon (Fianna Fail)
Brendan Smith (Fianna Fail)
Mary Wallace (Fianna Fail)
Mary White (Green Party)
Michael Woods (Fianna Fail)

TDs who voted against the staghunt ban: 71

James Bannon (Fine Gael)
Seán Barrett (Fine Gael)
Joe Behan (Independent)
Pat Breen (Fine Gael)
Richard Bruton (Fine Gael)
Ulick Burke (Fine Gael)
Joan Burton (Labour Party)
Joe Carey (Fine Gael)
Deirdre Clune (Fine Gael)
Paul Connaughton (Fine Gael)
Noel Coonan (Fine Gael)
Joe Costello (Labour Party)
Simon Coveney (Fine Gael)
Seymour Crawford (Fine Gael)
Michael Creed (Fine Gael)
Lucinda Creighton (Fine Gael)
Michael D'Arcy (Fine Gael)
Jimmy Deenihan (Fine Gael)
Andrew Doyle (Fine Gael)
Bernard Durkan (Fine Gael)
Damien English (Fine Gael)
Olwyn Enright (Fine Gael)
Frank Feighan (Fine Gael)
Martin Ferris (Sinn Fein)
Charles Flanagan (Fine Gael)
Terence Flanagan (Fine Gael)
Eamon Gilmore (Labour Party)
Brian Hayes (Fine Gael)
Tom Hayes (Fine Gael)
Jackie Healy-Rae (Independent)
Phil Hogan (Fine Gael)
Brendan Howlin (Labour Party)
Paul Kehoe (Fine Gael)
Enda Kenny (Fine Gael)
Michael Lowry (Independent)
Ciarán Lynch (Labour Party)
Kathleen Lynch (Labour Party)
Pádraic McCormack (Fine Gael)
Shane McEntee (Fine Gael)
Dinny McGinley (Fine Gael)
Joe McHugh (Fine Gael)
Liz McManus (Labour Party)
Denis Naughten (Fine Gael)
Dan Neville (Fine Gael)
Michael Noonan (Fine Gael)
Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin (Sinn Fein)
Aengus Ó Snodaigh (Sinn Fein)
Kieran O'Donnell (Fine Gael)
Fergus O'Dowd (Fine Gael)
Jim O'Keeffe (Fine Gael)
John O'Mahony (Fine Gael)
Brian O'Shea (Labour Party)
Jan O'Sullivan (Labour Party)
Willie Penrose (Labour Party)
John Perry (Fine Gael)
Ruairi Quinn (Labour Party)
Pat Rabbitte (Labour Party)
James Reilly (Fine Gael)
Michael Ring (Fine Gael)
Alan Shatter (Fine Gael)
Tom Sheahan (Fine Gael)
P J Sheehan (Fine Gael)
Seán Sherlock (Labour Party)
Róisín Shortall (Labour Party)
Emmet Stagg (Labour Party)
David Stanton (Fine Gael)
Billy Timmins (Fine Gael)
Joanna Tuffy (Labour Party)
Mary Upton (Labour Party)
Leo Varadkar (Fine Gael)
Jack Wall (Labour Party)

Tá (Yes), Deputies John Curran and John Cregan;
Níl (No), Deputies Paul Kehoe and Emmet Stagg

Absent: Tommy Broughan (Labour Party)
Absent: Arthur Morgan (Sinn Fein)
Absent on Medical Grounds: Michael D. Higgins (Labour Party)


Please join us in sending a message of congratulations to Minister John Gormley and the Green Party. Email "Congratulations on Success of Wildlife Amendment Bill 2010" or your own personal message to Green Party TDs and Senators


Please thank and congratulate all your TDs who voted in favour of the ban. If TDs in your constituency voted against the ban, make a complaint to them now. If you wish to email all TDs in your constituency with a general welcome for the ban, simply click on the name of your constituency below and an email message will be created for you to send.

Contact details for TDs

Bobby Aylward (Fianna Fail):
Phil Hogan (Fine Gael):
John McGuinness (Fianna Fail):
MJ Nolan (Fianna Fail):
Mary Alexandra White (Green Party):

Margaret Conlon (Fianna Fail):
Seymour Crawford (Fine Gael):
Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin (Sinn Fein):
Dr. Rory O'Hanlon (Fianna Fail):
Brendan Smith (Fianna Fail):

Pat Breen (Fine Gael):
Joe Carey (Fine Gael):
Timmy Dooley (Fianna Fail):
Tony Killeen (Fianna Fail):

Cork East
Michael Ahern (Fianna Fail):
Ned O'Keeffe (Fianna Fail):
Sean Sherlock (Labour Party):
David Stanton (Fine Gael):

Cork North-Central
Bernard Allen (Fine Gael):
Billy Kelleher (Fianna Fail):
Kathleen Lynch (Labour Party):
Noel O'Flynn (Fianna Fail):

Cork North-West
Michael Creed (Fine Gael):
Michael Moynihan (Fianna Fail):
Batt O'Keeffe (Fianna Fail):

Cork South-Central
Deirdre Clune (Fine Gael):
Simon Coveney (Fine Gael):
Ciarán Lynch (Labour Party):
Micheál Martin (Fianna Fail):
Michael McGrath (Fianna Fail):

Cork South-West
Jim O'Keeffe (Fine Gael):
Christy O'Sullivan (Fianna Fail):
PJ Sheehan (Fine Gael):

Donegal North-East
Niall Blaney (Fianna Fail):
Joe McHugh (Fine Gael):
Dr. James McDaid (Fianna Fail):

Donegal South-West
Mary Coughlan (Fianna Fail):
Dinny McGinley (Fine Gael):

Dublin Central
Bertie Ahern (Fianna Fail):
Cyprian Brady (Fianna Fail):
Joe Costello (Labour Party):
Maureen O'Sullivan (Independent):

Dublin Mid West
John Curran (Fianna Fail):
Paul Nicholas Gogarty (Green Party):
Mary Harney (Independent): minister'
Joanna Tuffy (Labour Party):

Dublin North
Michael Kennedy (Fianna Fail):
Darragh O'Brien (Fianna Fail):
Dr. James Reilly (Fine Gael):
Trevor Sargent (Green Party):

Dublin North Central
Richard Bruton (Fine Gael):
Sean Haughey (Fianna Fail):
Finian McGrath (Independent):

Dublin North-East
Tommy Broughan (Labour Party):
Terence Flanagan (Fine Gael):
Dr. Michael J Woods (Fianna Fail):

Dublin North-West
Noel Ahern (Fianna Fail):
Pat Carey (Fianna Fail):
Róisín Shortall (Labour Party):

Dublin South
Tom Kitt (Fianna Fail):
Olivia Mitchell (Fine Gael):
Eamon Ryan (Green Party):
Alan Shatter (Fine Gael):

Dublin South-Central
Seán Ardagh (Fianna Fail):
Catherine Byrne (Fine Gael):
Michael Mulcahy (Fianna Fail):
Aengus Ó Snodaigh (Sinn Fein):
Dr. Mary Upton (Labour Party):

Dublin South-East
Chris Andrews (Fianna Fail):
Lucinda Creighton (Fine Gael):
John Gormley (Green Party):
Ruairí Quinn (Labour Party):

Dublin South-West
Brian Hayes (Fine Gael):
Conor Lenihan (Fianna Fail):
Charlie O'Connor (Fianna Fail):
Pat Rabbitte (Labour Party):

Dublin West
Joan Burton (Labour Party):
Brian Joseph Lenihan (Fianna Fail):
Leo Varadkar (Fine Gael):

Dún Laoghaire
Barry Andrews (Fianna Fail):
Sean Barrett (Fine Gael):
Ciaran Cuffe (Green Party):
Eamon Gilmore (Labour Party):
Mary Hanafin (Fianna Fail):

Galway East
Ulick Burke (Fine Gael):
Paul Connaughton (Fine Gael):
Michael P Kitt (Fianna Fail):
Noel Treacy (Fianna Fail):

Galway West
Frank Fahey (Fianna Fail):
Noel Grealish (Progressive Democrats):
Michael D. Higgins (Labour Party):
Pádraic McCormack (Fine Gael):
Éamon Ó Cuív (Fianna Fail):

Kerry North
Jimmy Deenihan (Fine Gael):
Martin Ferris (Sinn Fein):
Thomas McEllistrim (Fianna Fail):

Kerry South
Jackie Healy-Rae (Independent):
John O'Donoghue (Fianna Fail):
Tom Sheahan (Fine Gael):

Kildare North
Aíne Brady (Fianna Fail):
Bernard Durkan (Fine Gael):
Michael Fitzpatrick (Fianna Fail):
Emmet Stagg (Labour Party):

Kildare South
Seán Ó Fearghaíl (Fianna Fail):
Seán Power (Fianna Fail):
Jack Wall (Labour Party):

Brian Cowen (Fianna Fail):
Olwyn Enright (Fine Gael):
Charles Flanagan (Fine Gael):
Sean Fleming (Fianna Fail):
John Anthony Moloney (Fianna Fail):

Limerick East
Michael Noonan (Fine Gael):
Willie O'Dea (Fianna Fail):
Kieran O'Donnell (Fine Gael):
Jan O'Sullivan (Labour Party):
Peter Power (Fianna Fail):

Limerick West
Niall Collins (Fianna Fail):
John Cregan (Fianna Fail):
Dan Neville (Fine Gael):

Longford -Westmeath
James Bannon (Fine Gael):
Peter Kelly (Fianna Fail):
Mary O'Rourke (Fianna Fail):
Willie Penrose (Labour Party):

Dermot Ahern (Fianna Fail):
Séamus Kirk (Fianna Fail):
Arthur Morgan (Sinn Fein):
Fergus O'Dowd (Fine Gael):

Dara Calleary (Fianna Fail):
Beverley Flynn (Fianna Fail):
Enda Kenny (Fine Gael):
John O'Mahony (Fine Gael):
Michael Ring (Fine Gael):

Meath East
Thomas Byrne (Fianna Fail):
Shane McEntee (Fine Gael):
Mary Wallace (Fianna Fail):

Meath West
Johnny Brady (Fianna Fail):
Noel Dempsey (Fianna Fail):
Damien English (Fine Gael):

Roscommon-South Leitrim
Frank Feighan (Fine Gael):
Michael Finneran (Fianna Fail):
Denis Naughten (Fine Gael):

Sligo-North Leitrim
Jimmy Devins (Fianna Fail):
John Perry (Fine Gael):
Eamon Scanlon (Fianna Fail):

Tipperary North
Noel J Coonan (Fine Gael):
Máire Hoctor (Fianna Fail):
Michael Lowry (Independent):

Tipperary South
Tom Hayes (Fine Gael):
Dr Martin Mansergh (Fianna Fail):
Mattie McGrath (Fianna Fail):

Martin Cullen (Fianna Fail):
John Deasy (Fine Gael):
Brendan Kenneally (Fianna Fail):
Brian O'Shea (Labour Party):

John Browne (Fianna Fail):
Sean Connick (Fianna Fail):
Michael W D'Arcy (Fine Gael):
Brendan Howlin (Labour Party):
Paul Kehoe (Fine Gael):

Joe Behan (Independent):
Andrew Doyle (Fine Gael):
Liz McManus (Labour Party):
Dick Roche (Fianna Fail):
Billy Godfrey Timmins (Fine Gael):

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