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Ask Irish MEP to stop defending fur farming
01 December 2009

Please join ICABS in our appeal to Fianna Fail MEP, Pat 'the Cope' Gallagher, to withdraw his plea to the Government to reconsider its plans to phase out cruel fur farming in the next three years. Mink and foxes suffer a life of misery on Irish fur farms and are cruelly killed by gassing and electrocution.

The Donegal Democrat has reported that "Gallagher said he will be asking the government to re-consider the position on fur farming which would see two mink farms close in south west Donegal." [05 November 2009]

The comments sparked anger among animal welfare groups. In the 12 November edition of the newspaper, it was reported that the MEP "has come in for strong criticism".

A letter to the MEP from Katy Falkingham of the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT Ireland) was quoted as follows: “You may not have empathy with your fellow creatures of this earth but you were elected to represent the Irish people, the overwhelming majority of whom are opposed to fur farming. You were elected to represent your constituents - if you cannot represent the view of the overwhelming majority, perhaps you should reconsider your position as an MEP.”

Anti-fur farming campaigner, Laura Broxson of the National Animal Rights Association, also criticised MEP Gallagher. “Even if your conscience cannot grasp the concept of empathising with another living creature, please try to actually represent your country's sentiments and educate yourself on this issue before making such ignorant comments,” she said. You can watch videos showing fur farming on the NARA website

In a letter to Mr Gallagher, ICABS highlighted the suffering endured by mink and foxes on Irish fur farms.

"Regardless of the small amount of jobs supported by this cruelty in Donegal or the euros it generates, nothing will ever change the fact that it is a disgraceful, disgusting, depraved industry and that those involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves," we stated.


Please ask Pat 'the Cope' Gallagher to stop defending fur farming and to withdraw his appeal to the government to reconsider its plans to phase out this disgusting industry.

Pat 'the Cope' Gallagher
Co. Donegal
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Tel: +353 (0)74 9521276.
Fax: +353 (0)74 9521133.

Witness the cruelty of fur farming in Ireland in this Youtube video

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