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Another cat brutally attacked and killed during hunt
22 January 2009

A woman watched in horror as a pack of hunt hounds savaged a pet cat in her garden, the Wexford People has reported. This is the latest in a growing list of shocking pet fatalities during hunts.

In its front page coverage, the People newspaper reported:

"The family cat was torn to pieces by the hounds which crossed the main Wexford/Kilmore Road following the scent of a fox. 'They came up the driveway and pinned the cat against the garage door and massacred it', said Breda who went to investigate when she heard the dogs howling. 'They tore it apart. What I'm trying to get across is the absolute cruelty of it. It was a poor dumb animal not doing any harm to anyone', she said. Afterwards, the end wall of her house was splattered with the cat's blood. Breda said she couldn't bear to look at the dead animal."

The report added that the Kilmore woman complained in person to the Master of the Killinick Harriers and that he apologised for what happened. Her husband, she said, "won't allow the hunt to cross their land in future".

ICABS has renewed its call on all landowners to keep hunts out. If you are a landowner, please download and display a "No Hunting" Sign

ICABS responds to latest cat attack

Horrible cruelty of bloodsports
Irish Independent - January 22 2009

The recent attack on a cat by a pack of hunting hounds in Wexford is another shocking reminder that hunts pose a deadly threat not only to wildlife but also to pets.

This latest victim suffered a horrendous death after the dogs ran up a driveway and "pinned the cat against the garage door and massacred it".

The distressed homeowner described what happened as "absolute cruelty" and has since banned the hunt from her land.

This is just the latest in a growing list of pet fatalities caused by hunting dogs.

Not so long ago in Limerick, locals looked on in revulsion as a harrier hound savaged a neighbourhood cat to death.

Previously, an eight-year-old girl was left distraught after hounds piled into a back garden during a hunt and ripped her beloved cat apart. The 'Belfast Telegraph' reported that a group of youngsters "saw the dogs in a complete frenzy and heard the squeals of the cat as she was attacked".

Meanwhile, a sheep dog on a Galway farm miraculously survived an encounter with a pack of foxhounds. He suffered injuries to his paws, back and hind quarters.

Farm animals such as sheep and cattle have been victims, too, hence the increasing number of farmers who refuse hunts access to land.

Our advice to anyone who experiences such an incursion is to immediately notify gardai and quote the Control of Dogs Act.

This piece of legislation makes it clear that dogs must be kept under "effectual control" and that the person in charge of a dog shall not permit the dog to be on the premises of another person without their consent.

Philip Kiernan
Irish Council Against Blood Sports
Mullingar, Co Westmeath

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