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Hasbro asked to scrap Monopoly matador
3 October 2008

Toy makers, Hasbro, have been asked to scrap a matador piece from a new edition of their Monopoly game. In a letter to the company's president, ICABS appealed for this symbol of cruelty to replaced with a flamenco dancer.

The character appears in the new "Here and Now: The World Edition" Monopoly game as a representation of Spain.

In our correspondence to Mr Brian Golder, ICABS expressed our disbelief that "Hasbro has deemed it appropriate to include a symbol of one of the world's worst examples of violence against animals in a family game".

"Considering the appalling cruelty that is carried out at bullrings and the fact that few of your customers are likely to look favourably upon bullfighting, we ask Hasbro to please withdraw the matador piece and replace it with a flamenco dancer," we added.

Responding, a company representative stated: "Our intent in selecting icons [for the game pieces] was that they represented historical fact. They were not meant to be an endorsement or criticism of any activity, in any way. We respect your opinion very much and want to assure you that your comments will be thoroughly reviewed by our staff and considered for future editions of the game."

monopoly matador
The matador piece that appears in the new World Edition of Monopoly. Please join our appeal to the company to remove this deplorable character from the game.


Please email "Please replace the Monopoly matador" to Hasbro at the address below.

Patricia J. Riso
VP, Public Relations
Hasbro Games
443 Shaker Road
East Longmeadow, MA 01028

Tel: 413-526-2307

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