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Coca Cola to remove banner from Barcelona bullring
24 September 2008

Coca Cola has been thanked for promising to permanently remove an advertisment banner from Barcelona's Monumental bullring. Responding to an appeal from ICABS, the company emphasised that "Coca Cola does not sponsor bullfighting events and maintains a long-standing policy regarding the ethical and humane treatment of animals."

Coca Cola banner
Coca Cola has been thanked for promising to remove this advertisement banner from Barcelona's bullring

She also stated that "the Coca Cola Company in Spain was not a sponsor of the bullfighting event that took place on August 3rd [the event at which the banner was photographed] and that they do not sponsor any activity related to bullfighting."

She explained that the banner had been displayed at the Monumental venue during exhibitions, motorbike races, concerts, etc and unintentionally remained in place during a bullfight on August 3rd.

"Going forward in order to prevent any misunderstanding and to make sure this does not happen again our local bottling partner has agreed to taking away these banners on a permanent basis," she added.

ICABS has thanked Coca Cola for this very positive response.

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