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Gardai called after hunt invades fox sanctuary
18 September 2008

A Galway landowner has called on the Gardai to consider prosecuting a local hunt after they came in to her wildlife sanctuary and damaged a wall. A report in the Irish Independent quoted Sheelagh Conway as saying that she told the Galway Blazers' hunt master to "get off my land and take his bloodthirsty hunstmen with him".

The report outlined that Ms Conway was left feeling intimidated and terrorised after the incident in Limehill, a remote area in East Galway. She complained that when she approached the hunt master, he gave her " a very curt apology and blew his bugle into my face." (Hunt 'sorry' after riding over writer's land - Irish Independent, 16 September 2008)

She commented: "My land is something of an animal sanctuary, particularly for foxes because they have fled from adjoining fields. The Galway Blazers knocked an old limestone wall and then rode on to my field without permission. I live on my own and it was not a very nice experience at all."

ICABS reminds landowners that hunters and hounds are not permitted to come on to land without permission and that the landowner has the right, under law, to refuse them permission. For more information about how you can help keep hunts out, please visit our Farmers and Hunts page

Galway landowner and writer, Sheelagh Conway, who is calling on the Gardai to consider prosecuting a local hunt which came on to her land without permission.

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