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Xerox confirms Ronaldo bullring ad "will not be run again"
02 July 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo superimposed next to a bull in a scene from the controversial Fuji Xerox television advert.

The Xerox company has told ICABS that a bullfighting-themed advert featuring Cristiano Ronaldo "will not be run again". The Fuji Xerox TV ad is set in a bullring and shows the Manchester United footballer kicking a ball next to a bull.

ICABS has learned that the ad was aired in Japan two years ago but we understand that it only came to light in Europe in May when copies appeared on YouTube.

In our correspondence to the company, we expressed surprise that Fuji Xerox would "associate with this cruel and barbaric activity - particularly at a time when an ever growing majority of Europeans are expressing their opposition to bullfighting."

Responding, Fuji Xerox Operations Vice President, Mr Kazimierz J Herchold, stated: "The commercial was run between June 1 and December 31 2006 after which it was discontinued. Our understanding is that it will not be run again."

ICABS has thanked Fuji for their response and asked for a commitment to be given that bullfighting will never again be used in the company's marketing campaigns.

ICABS was disgusted to learn from a Sky News report that Ronaldo is a supporter of bullfight barbarity. "[Cristiano Ronaldo] says he 'adores' bullfighting and owns a portrait of himself dressed as a matador," Sky revealed. "Barry Hugill, a spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: 'Ronaldo ought to be ashamed of himself.'" (from Ronaldo Slammed By Animal Activists - Sky News website - March 20, 2008)

Fuji Xerox's Cristiano Ronaldo bullring ad

The Fuji Xerox ad which shows Cristiano Ronaldo superimposed over scenes of a bull in a bullring. The company has told ICABS that the ad has been discontinued.

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