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Galway cat relives fond foxy memories
8 April 2008

Last year, we reported on a fox who befriended a cat during one of his regular visits to a Galway cattery. This week we bring you a cute snapshot showing feline Ted watching foxes on television and clearly missing his foxy friend.

The photo shows Ted captivated by a recent RTE wildlife programme which featured foxes in the wild. He is seen looking up at the screen, reliving fond memories of Basil, a fox he used to share bowls of cat food with in the garden.

white cat watching fox on tv
Wildlife watching: Ted relives fond memories of Basil, a fox he befriended last summer.

Dinner guest: White cat, Ted, joins red fox, Basil, at mealtime.

Muriel Hayden of Cuddles Cattery says that Basil came to her garden every day but sadly hasn't been seen since last August.

"I still see foxes from time to time and occasionally a fox comes into my garden, but none so tame and friendly as Basil," she told ICABS. "I really miss his twice-daily visits."

"There is so much ignorance about foxes though," she adds. "After Basil disappeared I told many people about him and quite a few of them thought a fox would probably attack a cat if he had a chance. My photos disprove that theory!"

"I was very fortunate and felt privileged to have had the company of Basil," Muriel commented previously. "He frequented my garden more or less daily for a couple of months. I run a boarding cattery and always have leftover cat food, which Basil seemed to enjoy. He would follow me up and down the cattery (from outside) as I worked and when I was in the garden he acted very like a dog, wrapping himself around my legs sometimes."

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Photos: Basil the cattery fox

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