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No more in-flight bullfights
31 August 2007

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports has praised the new publishers of Ryanair Magazine for an assurance that bullfighting will no longer be publicised in the popular in-flight publication. Editor, Ramsay Short, promised ICABS this week that "there will not be any stories promoting or highlighting bullfighting".

"You'll be pleased to hear that since Ink Publishing took on the mantle of producing Ryanair Magazine there have [not] been and there will not be any stories promoting or highlighting bullfighting or any other such sport," Mr Short stated.

"Earlier this year when running a small item on the Pamplona bull run was raised, it was quickly deemed something that we would not want to place in the magazine," he added. "Instead in our June-July edition we highlighted the Running of the Nudes - a protest against the Running of the Bulls."

ICABS is delighted at this positive response from Ink Publishing, an award winning company which produces more in-flight magazines for more airlines than any other publisher in the world. Their pro-animal stance means that a visit to a bullfight will no longer be suggested as a holiday activity for Ryanair Magazine's potential monthly readership of 4 million.

Despite repeated appeals and complaints to the previous publishers of the magazine, bullfighting used to be regularly publicised. In the August 2006 edition, bullrunning also received coverage with readers being encouraged to "Come to Pamplona and run with the bulls".

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