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Boycott bullfighting: ICABS appeal to holidaymakers
19 July 2007

The Irish Council Against Blood Sports is appealing to holidaymakers to boycott bullfighting venues when visiting Spain, Portugal or France this summer. Tour operators and travel guides may try to lure you into these hellholes by presenting them as centres of art and culture. For the sake of the animals and your own peace of mind, please don't listen to them.

Seeing a cut-up bull stumbling weakly around a bullring with blood spurting from its back and spraying from its mouth and nostrils is sure to leave a dark shadow across holiday memories. In fact, many who venture into bullrings out of curiosity leave in disgust as the animals are mercilessly killed before their eyes.

"I was prepared for the worst but still found it shocking, disgusting and cruel," one such tourist recently reported. "I left after seeing a man horrifically injured and 3 bulls massacred. It should not be allowed to take place in 2007."

Spain may be the world's worst bullfighting black spot but the arenas of Southern France are equally horrendous. In the blood-spattered Portuguese bullrings, meanwhile, no killing takes place but it's little consolation to the bulls. They still suffer excruciating pain as spiked spears are thrust into their back muscles and afterwards, out of sight, they too are slaughtered.

Those who want to totally avoid the towns and villages where bullfighting is hosted can download a location list or view it on their mobile phone at

Happy humane holiday.

Bullfighting in France - Image 5
A bull runs across the bullring in pain as spiked banderillas dig into its flesh. (Image: Comite Radicalement Anti Corrida)

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