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Pepsi contacts Mexican bullring following ICABS appeal
27 June 2007

Pepsi has asked a bullring in Mexico to avoid using the company's famous logo on bullfighting tickets. The move came after ICABS reported a publicity notice for a bullfight next month which claimed that "Pepsi invites you to Plaza Monumental".

The notice, published on the Ticketmaster website, has since been changed to exclude the Pepsi reference.

Replying to a letter from ICABS, Dick Detwiler of PepsiCo International stressed that "as a general practice we don't sponsor bull fights".

"In this case, a local Pepsi bottler sold some drinks to an arena which holds various events throughout the year, most of which are not bull fights," he went on to explain. "There was no sponsorship component to the transaction, and there are no Pepsi signs in the arena. Furthermore neither PepsiCo nor our bottler has any sort of ongoing agreement with either the arena or the arranger of the bull fights."

"Unfortunately, the arena unilaterally decided to include the Pepsi name on tickets for the event without our authorization," Mr Detwiler added. "We have brought this matter to the attention of the arena and have asked them to refrain from any future actions of this type."

ICABS has thanked Pepsi for contacting the Mexican bullring and for reassuring us that they do not sponsor bullfighting events.

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