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Major hotel operators remove bullfighting from website
30 May 2007

Corinthia Hotels International have responded positively to an ICABS appeal and removed bullfighting references from their website.

ICABS wrote to the company after spotting the following Question and Answer on the site: "What is the difference between Portuguese bullfighting and Spanish bullfighting? Portugese bullfighting can be said to be more humane as the bull is not killed during the bullfight."

In a letter of appeal to the company's management, ICABS highlighted the absolute cruelty of Portuguese bullfighting. "The bull is mercilessly stabbed with spears, leaving him bleeding profusely from his back," we stated. "The animal is also punched, hit, has its tail pulled and afterwards is killed."

ICABS is delighted to report that the company's Chief Executive Officer swiftly arranged for this bullfighting content to be removed. Also deleted was a reference to summer bullfighting in Santarem and "bullfighting traditions" in the Ribatejo region of Lisbon.

"I have discussed this matter with our Marketing Department and requested that they review all of the content of our site," replied Malta-based CEO, Tony Potter.

ICABS is very grateful to Corinthia Hotels for this positive response.

About Corinthia Hotels: Corinthia Hotels International is a leading hotel management company that operates upscale city centre and resort hotels under the Corinthia, Wyndham and Ramada Plaza hotel brands in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. More information at:

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