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Pet food company "will not be sponsoring" coursing event
20 January 2006

The management of Irish Dog Foods Ltd has assured ICABS that they won't be sponsoring a coursing event at the national finals in Clonmel later this month. The Naas-based company has been thanked for responding positively to our appeal.

A report published on the Sporting Press website last week stated: "Irish Dog Foods Ltd are to sponsor the two new stakes to be run, circumstances permitting, at the forthcoming National Coursing Meeting. These competitions are for greyhounds beaten in the first round of the Derby and Oaks and which do not get drawn for the existing Stockproof Fencing Products TA Morris and Kitty Butler Stakes."

But when ICABS appealed to the company to withdraw as a sponsor of the blood sport, we were told by management that: "Irish Dog Foods (Madra, Supercat and Irish Rover) would like to inform you we will not be sponsoring the forthcoming event in Clonmel."

We have today thanked the company for their positive response.

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