Animal Watch

Animal Watch, Issue 1, 2003
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Pages 1-3 Coursers demand taxpayers’ money

Historic victory in sight for campaigners in UK
Church challenged over hunt chaplain
Cavan Tourism scraps online hunting promo
Thank you!
Irish celebs back badger campaign
Sophie poses for anti-fur poster
Singer's son suspended from school
Leonardo acts to save elephants
Pages 4-5 Animal Watch: fit for a bishop!

Complaint made following emails from hunt boy
Eamonn Darcy a keen hunter in Co Wicklow
Petitions signed in USA and UK
Pub guide promotes foxhunts
Acorn Life sorry about coursing ad
Free car stickers
Pages 6-7 Dana shares bull abuse concerns

Statoil act to protect logo
Things They Said
Coillte quizzed over forestry foxhunters
Pages 8-9 ICABS websites expose cruelty of blood sports

Packers sent packing
Bulmers Bullrun
Political watch
Pages 10-11 Weakest Link's Anne presents foxhunt event

Top class fox views
Words of Wisdom
Irish hare numbers continue to decline
Rail company examines hunt activity near track
Pages 12-13 Foxhunters resort to emotional blackmail

Sunday Mirror Champions the Badger Cause
Badger Watch Appeal
Badger charge dismissed over incorrect date
Badger Facts!
Pages 14-15 Forest park tourists upset by trespassing foxhunters

Coursing Club has questions to answer over missing hares
Coursing is a sport: County Council claim
Ominous letter from hunt to landowner
Jeremy Irons is a joint master
Pages 16-17 Ward Union deer is hounded to death

Foxhunts play no role in fox control: Scientific study
Death of brave Duchas ranger
Hotel promotes hunt holidays
Pages 18-19 The tradition of hunting priests

Cat mutilated by wire snare
Hunters on the fairway
Cake sale fundraiser
Foxhunting PRO resigns
Pages 20-21 Crime pays for bull abusers in Portugal

Mayor Mario says "no" to bullfighters
Internet petition
Eircom apologises for bullfight advert
ICABS Letter writing group
Pages 22-24 Minister warned about hunt danger on roads

Tourist body promoting foxhunting
Cruel fire bull event is banned
ICABS website praised by mag
Boycott "Hable Con Ella" film
Wicklow Tourism respond to appeal
Poetry: Tally Ho!
ICABS make presentation in Strasbourg
Foxhunt cheque presented by bank manager
Anti-hunting group formed in Donegal
Natural Beauty - Fox Photo
Telephone firm ignores appeal
Full Contents View the Full Contents of Animal Watch
Pages 1-24 (95 Kb)

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