Animal Watch

Animal Watch, Issue 1, 2002
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Pages 1-3 Revealed: cruelty and deceit of coursing

Irish Permanent ends coursing sponsorship
Don’t delay the hunters: Alan Dukes
Don’t delay the hunters: Alan Dukes
Fidelma Yourell - Expression of sympathy
Hunt gets permit to kill in Coillte woods
Minister thanked for coursing help
Pages 4-6 Injured and sick hares left to die

Questionable comments from wildlife rangers
Scotland makes history with hunting ban
Cockfighting cock-up on radio quiz
Tayto defend matador ad
Hunting stand attracts Walsh
Pages 7-9 Blood sport back on bishop’s land

Disease spread claim by hunts proves untrue
Health board quizzed over hospital hares
Pet dogs stolen for shooters
Campaign cake sale
Brewery bars website from using pint logo
Cancer Society drops fur coats
County Council destroys habitat
Pages 10-12 Wicklow pupils united in condemning foxhunting

Continued support: Sargent
Columnist sorry for fox slur
Eating with the “enemy”
Hunts and Farmers - Quote
Shooters itching to kill rarest mammal
Cruel badger baiters convicted
Darina Allen wines and dines hunt
Footballers follow hunt
Pages 13-15 ICABS observers outwit camera shy coursers

A landowner’s struggle to keep hunters out
Waterford Crystal: We will remain hunt sponsor
Gun club threatens forest “trespassers”
Boycott Coillte!
Pages 16-18 Alarming reply from Clare TD

TDs call for Coillte hunt ban
Davern presents coursing award
Sick hare deaths lead to cancellation of coursing
Anti-bullfighting news
Pages 19-21 More to hunts than misery to wildlife

Major companies support cruelty
Coursing clubs face net losses
Words of wisdom
Campaign co-ordinator stresses protest power
Memorial award for brave Vicki
Pages 22-24 Foxwatching report from Dublin

Campaign updates online
Thanks to supporters and friends
Supporter runs mini marathon
TV programme endorses live hare coursing
Coursers dismissive of drag proposal
Things they said
Pack attack dog
God against blood sport
Barbaric Barbie
Letter writing campaigners
Einstein Quote
Full Contents View the Full Contents of Animal Watch
Pages 1-24 (90 Kb)

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