Animal Watch

Animal Watch, Summer 1998
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Page 1 One Down, One to Go

UK anti-hunt campaign will continue despite Foster Bill failure
Why are we waiting?
Page 2 Sad death of anti-blood sports actor, John Cowley

Foxhunt Suspensions part of hypocritical PR Exercise
Setting the record straight
Cork Support Group News
Traffic warning for wildlife
They said it
Profile: Richard Martin aka Humanity Dick
Page 3 Animal welfare concerns force cancellation of cruel ostrich race

Town Commissioners vote for foxhunt ban
Cockfight "spectator" fined
Cockfighting: an insight
News Appeal
Hunt trespass complaints continue to mount
ICABS letter writing group
Animals to be the stars in new RTÉ show
Page 4 Opposition to coursing at an all time high

Irish Wildlife Trust clarifies foxhunt stance amid controversy
Show matadors red card or prepare for penalty
US greyhound group calls for end to Ireland-Spain exports
Page 5 Gardaí refuse to prosecute following vicious assault on volunteer

Heineken banner removed from coursing venue
Clonmel 1998: Eyewitness Report
Near miss for harrier hound
Nationwide asked to drop foxhunters from intro
Write a letter and help change the law
Page 6 Catholic Church blesses blood sport!

Cock fighting breeders exposed
Heritage Council releases submissions report
Estate agents picketed for promoting hunts
Huntsman fined for cruelty to hounds
Foxhunt claims exposed as misinformation
Freedom for beagles destined for labs
Page 7 Protests at Dáil and Clonmel convey mass opposition to coursing

Hunt spokesperson teaches hunt a lesson
Toyota urged to scrap offensive TV ad
Countryside Alliance letting countryside down
Illegal coursing on the increase: Gardaí
Badger baiting - you can help stop it
Page 8 Save our greyhounds from Spanish hell holes

Call for rejection of "blood money" from hunts
Foxhunters' PRO gets short shrift on Questions & Answers
Bullfighting News from Spain
Damages awarded against gun club secretary who pointed shotgun at tourists
Game guide awarded £10,000 in damages
Page 9 Earth Watch - Foxwatching report

Foxes and stags around the world
Art for animals
Book reviews
Cruel Deer trapping in Co Cavan
Campaign to save Poland's remaining wolves from shooters
Page 10 Drag hunting

Anti-hunt project wins MiWadi heritage competition
School book presents fox fiction as fact
An Post criticised for giving stamp of approval to hunting
Animal abuse/child abuse link should be investigated
Support groups
Pie for Posh Spice
Croc wrestling banned in Israel
Over 32,000 foxes shot in Ireland in 1997
Page 11 "Hunting and Christianity cannot be bedfellows"

"Coursing is a dirty thing"
64 per cent of youngsters support foxhunt ban
Badger baiters fined, banned from holding guns
Words of wisdom
Anti-fur designer gets top job
Hunting a "protected species"
Blood sports - a stressful ordeal for animals
Let caged birds Gogh free
Page 12 Report investigates effects of foxhunt ban

Minister for Agriculture calls on hunters to stop digging out foxes
The appalling mauling that typifies coursing cruelty
Stags still running scared despite ban
Full Contents View the Full Contents of Animal Watch
Pages 1-12 (159 Kb)

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