Animal Watch

Animal Watch, Summer 1996
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Pages 1-6 Chairman's Address

Raffle Results
Dublin Central Support Group News
"Foxhunting is not cruel!": SPCA spokesperson
Support Group News
New animal welfare magazine
Badger hunter convicted
Coursing by night
The badger and habitat survey
Dublin big cats
Horses bill
Bord Failte ends hunt advertising
Private hunt holidays still advertised
Cock fighting in Cavan
NITB withdraws hunting display
Charity rejects hunting prize
Government slow to act on Wildlife bill
Foxhunter bid to take over SPCA?
How the "antis" were expelled from the NTSPCA
Pages 7-12 New label for "green" wood

Historical UK wild mammal act
Over 100 Eurasian lynx culled in Norway
British Government poisons more squirrels
Maisie Fitter, editor and conservationist, dies aged 83
Fur fair cancelled in Switzerland
Europe's first female matador
Shark rescue fails
Campaign to end cruel traps
Willy flies towards freedom
Britain's farmers offer superb future for drag hunting
ICABS people: Barry Greene
Bullfighting on the increase but the opposition grows
Pages 13-18 Bull killers the target for ICABS summer campaign 1996

Bull Horror
A new basking shark fishery in the Republic of Ireland?
Other sharks in danger
Sally: a seal saga
Humane whaling - the issue that could save whales forever
Pages 19-24 Genetic Engineering

Catechism and Dogma
Church Catechism: Analysis
Watching over our wildlife
Animal facts - the hare
Poem by William Monk-Gibbon
Full Contents View the Full Contents of Animal Watch
Pages 1-24 (88 Kb)

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